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Cupping draws out toxins and removes blood stagnation, increasing the circulation of the blood in that area.

Cupping is often used on the back, shoulders and hips. I often use cupping after some massage where there is a lot of stagnation in the muscles, as I tend to find that the client can be less sore after treatment if I do this.

Treatment lasts 20 -  30 minutes and can leave bruising which can last for a couple of days.


The Americans love this, apparently. I’ve had it done on me and yes, I could see a distinct difference in the cellulite, BUT, and this is a big but - it is an uncomfortable procedure. You will need to be brave and again, it is not a cure - you will have to have regular sessions.


Electro acupuncture is used mostly on muscular issues and sports injuries. A battery produces a very gentle electric pulse which can be controlled to an intensity that is manageable for the client.

The procedure increases the body’s pain relief, anti inflammatory and anti histamine, producing results that can be similar to having cortisone or steroids - but without the side effects.


These lamps produce a particular band of thermo magnetic wave which penetrates deep into the body. In China they are known as ‘magic lamps’.

Often, I will place a lamp over a particular area to increase the blood circulation and metabolism and to reduce anti inflammatory.


There are 5 points on the ear which can be used to help with detoxing or to give up addictions such a smoking and drugs. You will still have to want to stop - I can’t make you stop but I can help with cravings and will power.

For successful treatment you’ll need to have 8 - 10 sessions spread over a couple of weeks. I have had good results from this painless treatment.


This is a relatively painless alternative to botox. Tiny needles are placed into the lines and other areas of the face to help collagen be produced. The skin will start to glow and the eyes will sparkle, eliminating the need for lots of makeup.

We wear our lives in our bodies and faces and it is obvious that diet, stress and exercise play a large part in the quality of your skin. This is why, when I treat you, we will do an in-depth interview so we can try and balance your whole body to achieve the best results.

For the best results you will need 10 treatments 5 -7 days apart and then once a month after that.


Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with IVF treatment. I will aim to re-balance your body, enabling it to be as strong and healthy as possible so it feels able to produce good, strong sperm or eggs.

The treatment should be used regularly while you are trying to conceive up until the time you become pregnant.

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